Diamond Platnumz Reportedly Not Rich Enough To Accommodate Expenses On Zari

ZARI-703x422Fellas we picked up this gist from News365. Things are reportedly falling apart between singer Diamond Platnumz and his high end lifestyle dweller Zari The Boss Lady. The real shit happening right now is that Diamond is growing poorer trying to keep up with Zari’s luxury desires.

Zari has gone too high end and we doubt if she can ever stoop for low life. She has been here and there on social media showing off some rich and formidable lifestyle… She smells like new currency.

Diamond isn’t a druglord or even an African political dictator, he only sings to eat and we all know music wears out with time; it doesn’t last forever. He loves big things but his head is probably too small to carry Zari’s unending expenses.

The whole shit is alarming right now and below is what we copied from News365… y’all read it and share it to your friends… all social share buttons are below.


Award-winning Tanzanian music star Diamond Platnumz and his wife Zari Hassan are no longer together. According to a source close to Diamond Platnumz, the root cause of the Diamond-Zari breakup is financial. Wait a minute! How could a rich-on-demand artiste and self-proclaimed ‘boss lady’ have financial issues rocking their union? Well, there is more than what meets the eye.

The source alleges that Zari’s endless expenses and insatiable appetite for materialistic things frustrated singer Diamond.

The source stated that Diamond was spending $10,000 (about 36m) on Zari’s monthly expenses and servicing a loan on Zari’s new Benz.

Reportedly, Zari who resides in South Africa expected Diamond to travel to South Africa atleast twice a month spending $7000 (about 26m) and also Zari, likewise  would travel to Tanzania spending $7000.

Zari Hassan lives in a luxurious multimillion mansion in South Africa, a property left to her by the ex husband.

Diamond lives in Tanzania but the two were wealthy enough to see each other very often. In the most recent development, Diamond is rumored to have sent his manager, Sallam Sharraf, to South Africa to see if he can save the situation.

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